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How to sew a neoprene wetsuit

Neoprene wetsuit has many advantage when you wear it . Let me introduct you our customize ONLYNEOPRENE WETSUIT

2mm highly stretch neoprene

One piece long sleeves shorty wetsuit tight to the body, thus to keep the body heat when in the water

This full wetsuit men is specially designed for water sports and water aerobics; wetsuit front zip provides UV protection and defense against sea lice, jellies and other biological irritants

Heavy duty YKK front zipper wetsuit is easy for exit and entry

Hand-wash in cold water for this wetsuit with mild detergent and flat to dry, no iron, no bleach. When you receive a new wetsuit, sometimes you will smell the pungent smell. Please don’t worry, this odor is not harmful to you, just hang it out in the open air, then will disappear

If you want to know more, you can check the video about how our factory sewing the neoprene wetsuit

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