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How to select a neoprene tote bag?

Going on a beach holiday sounds like a very relaxing trip until you realize how much stuff you have to haul with you and having nowhere to store it. Sure, you could use your old shoulder bag that looks like it might rip apart as soon as you fit your towel in.

You could also look at some cheap tote bags that aren’t very likely to last you for the duration of your trip. Or maybe you’re thinking you’ll get one at your destination, only to find that they don’t sell what you need.

There’s also that expensive tote that you got for Christmas but are highly worried about it getting ruined when your favorite tanning oil eventually spills. Neither of these are a smart choice, but the good news is that we have you covered.

You need to go for a durable, flexible, waterproof neoprene tote bag that can fit all of your essentials. If there’s some things we know, it’s that you won’t regret it!

  • ❤️Exclusive Material: Made from duplex neoprene fabric. Our lust-worthy neoprene bags are designed with style, wear, and utility in mind using durable materials and luxe finishes, for a collection that’s functional yet beautiful and alluring.
  • ❤️Multi-function: Our neoprene tote bag is great to use as a shopping bag, handbag, swimming bag, pool bag, gym bag, tennis bag, yoga bag, beach bag and everyday carry bag. Our carry-all bag is large enough to fit clothing, beach towels, cameras, keys, lipstick, phone and money etc.Rock your neoprene tote bag at the office, gym, shopping, weekend trips, travel, beach and everything in between. You’ll never look back!
  • ❤️Super roomy : Our neoprene tote measures 15”L ×9.5”W ×11.8”H inch. O neoprene bag is enough to organize your essential, suitable for almost any occasion, taking you from office to gym, beach to brunch, everyday life to travel adventures, and beyond. Super large capacity, more suitable for the whole family together with vacation.
  • ❤️Sporty chic: With a nifty hidden internal pouch to keep valuables safe. Escape to your happy place, within or faraway.Sailing rope handles provide strength with minimal stretch and weight.Press studs at the end to compress size of bag.Removable zip up pouch for storing valuables.

Onlyneoprene products such as Neoprene tote, Wetsuit, Coolers, Backpack,Life jacket and any customized neoprene products. Products are widely used in many situation. The qualification of most products has met the technical and quality standards of the U.S., Japan, Italy, and Asian countries.



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