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How is the Neoprene today

Since then, Neoprene and generic forms of polychloroprene have found their way into many different niches of consumer and industrial life. This versatile, petrochemical-based material has the following unique benefits:

1. Impermeability

Neoprene forms a solid barrier between the wearer and the elements. While this attribute completely eliminates breathability, it also provides insulation from environmental conditions that would otherwise be uncomfortable or harmful.

2. Elasticity

Despite providing a perfect barrier against moisture, Neoprene fabric is also quite stretchy. It’s a good thing, too—otherwise, divers and surfers wouldn’t be able to get into their suits!

3. Heat retention

While Neoprene and all other petrochemical-based fibers melt at the slightest touch of heat, this particular synthetic fabric provides excellent insulation against cold. Thanks to polychloroprene, surfers are able to hang 10 in climates that would otherwise be far too forbidding.

4. Formability

While most fabrics are woven, Neoprene is formed. Therefore, it can be pre-made into practically any shape and size, which saves work for fashion designers.



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