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How is Neoprene used?

Nowadays, Neoprene fabric used in many sectors。

1.Accessory applications

Neoprene is commonly used as a material for electronics cases. While this plastic does not absorb shocks especially well, it provides a minimal buffer that protects electronics from scratches and minor drops.

2. Apparel applications

While Neoprene use in apparel is sparing, it isn’t uncommon to see this substance used in summertime womens garments and other apparel geared toward younger women.

3. Military applications

From gaskets to wetsuits, militaries and paramilitary organizations around the world come up with endless uses for Neoprene—it helps that DuPont has always been one of the U.S. government’s biggest contractors.

4.Industrial applications

Neoprene is commonly used to make industrial machines that require gaskets or other Neoprene products.

5. Sporting applications

Scuba suits and wetsuits are common applications of chloroprene rubber. Since this substance is waterproof and insulate, it keeps divers warm and dry even in fully submerged conditions.

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